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Photography Will Never Go Outdated. 


Photography Will Never Go Outdated.

Photography is the Precursor.

I know that technological advances revolutionize the industry, and the industry, at the same time, has set standards for the future of the market.

For example, one of them is the music industry, which constantly transforms its systems of diffusion and storage of data; another example is the transport industry, with its diversity within it.

Photography, as such, has been a precursor and creator of other major industries, such as film, television, and the media as we know it, but here is the great enigma, none of the following has been able to replace it; why?

Each Photo Tells a Story.

Photography hides one of the oldest secrets of human mentality; the power to freeze or stop time forever in an image, which does not occur in those above. It can capture an instant by always making it constantly present.

The Photo is that memory or tale of a story summarized in an image. It is like not reading the news since everything can be summarized in a word. Technology has modernized the camera without losing its essence, the Photo. Semantically only by comparison, the Photo is like the archetype, and the rest will only be copies and prototypes.

The Most Beautiful Achievements of Humanity.

As the old saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. The most outstanding example is computing since its inception, like newspapers and magazines being forced to print photos for each news or event without ignoring recent examples, Facebook and Instagram.

It is impossible in this little comment to summarize the values and advantages of photography; I have only tried to explain why technological modernism has not been able to erase one of the most beautiful achievements of humanity.

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