Photography Tutorial


Photography Tutorial

We repeat it again and again, photography is a hobby, a pleasure, of course, but it is also a technique, a technique that can be learned. For something there is the profession of photographer today.

Among private lessons, courses and photography workshops, there are many ways to learn this practice, but video tutorials remain the most cost effective way to discover photography.

According to Social Media Pro, 75% of Internet users have interacted with at least one video in the last month. A figure that illustrates very well the importance of this format when it comes to learning a certain topic, or even progress. And this is the case of photography!

Basic Photography Lessons

Of course, this is the first question you should ask yourself if you want to know how to learn photography through tutorials. Because, you know, the Internet is a mine of information on all possible topics. And with such amount and variety of information, you can easily get lost if you don’t know what you really want or what you want to do exactly. In the field of photography, the search for information can be varied.

You want…: Discover the basics of photography?

Expand your culture, especially by discovering photographers and photographic works? find concrete advice on photography and the technique to progress: framing, depth of field, shutter, shutter speed, etc.?

Know the photography news, such as new products, new photo editing programs, etc.?

See all kinds of photos, such as landscapes, photo blogs, travel photos, wedding photos, etc.?

In summary, the questions can be many and varied, so there is so much content on the web, and especially on YouTube. This video platform brings together the majority of photographic tutorials.

According to Social Media Pro, the time we spend watching videos is a third of the activity we spend online, which is a good reason to play videos with content about photography, both for beginners and advanced!

Photos Ideas

So if the idea of ​​taking beautiful photos interests you, if the project of making your images of better quality, if you want to learn to frame or if you do not master the Adobe Photoshop editing program, look at tutorials!

Exposing your own work can also be a good goal, if the manual mode does not scare you or if you are interested in framing. But then, what are the best tutorials to learn and progress in photography? Here you have our selection!

Are you interested in knowing how to make good selfies too?

Digital Art Laminated in Glass or Acrylic

Street Photography

Jota Barros is the author of Rubixephoto, the blog to learn photography in which you will find notes on technique, composition and Street Photography, image analysis, recommendations of photography books, reflections, experiences, tutorials, reviews (reviews) and many other resources that will help you increase your photographic skills and become a better photographer.

You can find fundamental concepts explained in less than a minute, general tutorials and Adobe Lightroom, tips and street photography sessions (in first person). If you want to be aware of how that list is growing and you do not want to miss any video you just have to subscribe to the channel.

In addition, you can accompany the author during his photographic outings and live in first person how the images are constructed and know the technique used. Finally, you will find video tutorials to learn digital development and many other resources related to photography.

Do not hesitate and check it out.

Find the best photography course on!

Photographer and photography teacher at Too Many Flash school in Madrid, Antonio Garci explains in this channel photographic tips, Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials, proposals and lighting guides, and opinion videos on various subjects related to photography.

You can subscribe to watch a new video about photography every week that will discuss topics that interest you, from the author’s own experience and point of view.

Take a look at his “How I took this photo” section in which he explains, as the name implies, the procedure for making a step-by-step image, from beginning to end, also including the part in front of the computer screen.

Interior design

Photography Tutorial

 Surely it will be useful!. Do you also want to know which are the best photography apps?

On the Run benGuo channel you will find hundreds of Photography Tutorial in Spanish on photography and video, but in a pleasant way to enjoy the whole learning process. Because especially in creative and audiovisual subjects such as photography and video, there has to be play and enjoyment.

So you can find themes such as photographic composition, retouching with Lightroom, Photoshop techniques, video and audio editing with Premiere, animations, motion graphics with After Effects, recording techniques, motivational videos and much more!

Photography and Video

Its channel is full of educational content on photography and video, with an important emphasis on the processing and editing part. From there you can access their complete courses.

If you want quality photography tutorials and video tutorials, this is your channel.

Discover also the best Instagram accounts about photography. Joan Vendrell is one of the creators of the great Naturpixel Photography Blog with Guillem Calatrava. He specializes in the tourism sector, performing photography, video, 360º and drones. Since 2008 he is a trainer and shares his passion for photography through courses, talks and social networks.

In this channel you will find videos of general photography concepts, photographic techniques, etc., also tests of photographic products and accessories, smartphones, etc. and for the latest tips for professionals who use the Internet as a visibility tool.

He usually hangs more than one video a week of the different themes that he sees on his channel and maintains enough playlists to easily access his videos.

In short, it is a highly recommended channel.

What are you waiting to sign up for a photography course in Madrid?

Ainara García is a landscape photographer and collects photogenic places with her camera. In this channel he tells you his tricks and photography tips, reviews of photographic material and vlogs of his photographic adventures.

His idea is to inspire you, motivate you and make you see that you are also able to take creative photos with your camera. And it reminds you that it is not what it shows, but how it shows.

Upload a new video every Sunday at 12:00 (Spanish time) and keep several playlists to more easily access the different videos on your channel.

In addition, he has a blog about photography: The world through a viewfinder.

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