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Photo wall Ideas.

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Photo wall Ideas.

Decorating your room with photos can be a quick and easy way to transform the look of any room. Photographs can be an element that can help us create more elegant, casual, lively environments… it all depends on the result we are looking for and the images we are going to use. We leave you some tips to decorate your room with photos so you can get ideas.

Before we begin, let’s let our imagination run wild. When discussing decorating your room with photos, we are not only talking about typical family photos with a simple black frame. We can use photographs taken on paper, but we can also go one step further and add new materials and formats, such as photo canvases.


When you decorate your room with photos, the first thing is to decide what you want to achieve by incorporating pictures into your decoration. Knowing what result I am looking for with our project is essential. It may be interesting to review the entire room’s color palette and the textiles we have used to achieve consistency with all the elements.


We can use new photographs that we take or look for this project, or we can incorporate photos we already have that we can update. We can play with the old, the new… And give a new look to a photograph we have fallen in love with and do not want to disappear from our home.

Photo wall Ideas


Before selecting the photographs that will transform our room, we can make a mood board. It is a collage where we gather everything that inspires us and helps us define what photographs we will use. In this collage, we can include colors, shapes, images… It will help us to determine the selection criteria for the pictures, and we will be able to quickly decide which photos to discard and which ones to use.


Another way to transfer our photographs to the decoration of a room is to print them on fabric to create our 100% personalized textiles. Our blog tells you several ideas to transfer images on all kinds of surfaces. We leave you a video tutorial with various homemade techniques dedicated to stamping images on fabric:


Photos can be hung on walls, placed on the furniture, inside bookcases, or pinned to blackboards. There are no longer limits for photographs to be part of our decoration.

We can use our innumerable photos on the computer or paper, take photographs specifically for our decoration, or look for images from other creators. But it is always recommended that we draw a thematic or color line that serves as a guide. They published a complete article to decorate in the magazine with photos and paintings. There, we can find up to 50 ideas to inspire us so you can create your design to decorate your room with pictures.



Select images (they can be yours or others), but only and exclusively in black and white to create your composition. If you want a sober and elegant decoration, you can combine black and white photographs with gold decoration objects or copper tones. Antique mirrors can be a good ally.


Suppose you want a decoration inspired by the Nordic style, where natural elements are the main protagonists. In that case, you can add a personalized touch thanks to the images of your travels. The photographs can be supported directly on the furniture.


Decoration with elements inspired by nature is one of the significant trends of recent years. Textiles full of leaves, branches, or flowers are prevailing to create spaces full of inspiration and balance. To complete our transformation, we can add photographs of sunsets, flowers, or trees to our room.


If we want a space that fills us with energy and injects creativity, a good option is to resort to images with very bright colors. We can create combinations with very striking colors that contrast with each other to add more vividness to the decoration. But we should stay moderate, and, interestingly, we place this type of element on walls with light colors so as not to saturate.


We can create various compositions with photographs of different sizes. Documents that can help us define spaces within the same wall or room. For example, if we want to differentiate a small workplace or dining area in the living room, the pictures on the wall can mark where it begins and ends.

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