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I love my pet

For animal lovers, the “furry” are much more than pets: they are one more member of the family, our unconditional friends. We love taking pictures!

Our pets occupy a very important place in our lives and that is why we like to keep beautiful memories in the form of an image, even being the photographer of the family or your group of friends, they will have asked you to capture your pet at its peak, although this is not always an easy task.

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My Dog in glass photo prints

Love my cat

Would you love to get good pictures of Pet?

Create a nice memory of your pet in glass picture or glass photo prints.


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Taking pictures of pets is like taking pictures of babies or children: we always have the surprise factor and you can’t always get the image you want.

It is a tip for the photography of wild animals but it is also perfectly applicable when taking pictures of pets. Your dog or cat has its daily routines and its own personality, and you sure that just by looking at it you already know what it wants, right? Take advantage of this information to plan the session.

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For example, your pet is excited and wants to play but you want to take a cute photo lying on the couch. It doesn’t seem like the best moment, don’t you think? Write down in a notebook the behaviors that are repeated in the day to day of your dog or cat and that way you can decide when it is better to take a certain photo.

People who have pets often feel a special predilection for photographing them. They are like another member of the family. In addition, is that pets offer many possibilities to create unique, cute, funny photos.


We can also take advantage to make it a fun time. Play with him, have fun, make him participate and so he will get involved and may give us nice looks or ideal positions to photograph him.


Finally, note that with patience we can achieve an unexpected, unique gesture, look or posture. It is just about being prepared, anticipating, waiting for our dog or cat to give us that perfect moment.

In the same way, achieving a calm environment is essential, animals perceive nervousness, so maintaining a relaxed state will help us calm the animal and make our work much easier.

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